Our range of Intruder Alarm Systems are able to protect your premises ranging from entry level systems to high end state of the art integrated systems, ensuring you have the protection you require.


Why use an alarm?


An Intruder Alarm System is perhaps one of the most widely used form of electronic security. These Systems operate through a variety of technologies such as, Movement sensors, anti-masking, door contacts, vibration detection and break glass detection. The Systems are generally set either via a Fob token or code, this all depends on the Grade of the system.

Depending on the level of risk identified we can offer the appropriate level of signalling for your System, ranging from a simple speech dialler to a Red-care GSM G4 communicator.

our alarms

All our Intruder Alarm Systems are installed to the latest British and European Standards. We are accredited by SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board) so we are able to offer Intruder Alarm systems which can qualify for Police response or Key-holder requirements, and will satisfy Insurance company requirements.