Vision Security Services are a Professional Public Address [PA] System Specialist, Offering a Full Sound System Design and Installation from Audio Systems Providing Background Music in Shops and Restaurants to PA Systems for Commercial Properties, Schools, Public Areas and Offices.

We Believe with this Focus within this Industry Sector we are able to Provide the Design and Installation Services to our Clients to meet there Requirements

Based From our Office, Vision can Provide and Design for Installations and Maintenance for Organisations across the UK, for both IP and Analog Systems.


PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEMS [PA] are an Essential tool in Communication throughout the Premises, and offer a Perfect Solution for Distributing Announcements over a wide area.

PA Systems can Broadcast Information from a Single or Multiple Sources to Large Groups of People in “Specific Areas of a Building “ZONES/ALL CALL

Messages are sent from an Operator via a Microphone Console, and are routed through Amplifiers before being distributed from Speakers in Designated Areas.

PA Systems can also Distribute Music into Work Places from Digital Media or Radio.


  • Voice Evacuation Systems
  • Refuge Alarm Systems
  • Induction Loop Systems
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